Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cupcakes are Dead! Long Live the PIE!

As reported earlier this year, the cupcake is dead. Really, who wants to stand in line for an hour for the honor of spending $5 on a minuscule baked good? Pie is definitely the way to go and GH is the place to go. Every Friday, we have the most fabulous Sour Cream Fruit Pies. Flavors will vary, depending on the fruit we have on hand. You may be spending a little more than $5 but you'll get something you can share at the pool parties, or backyard barbecues you will be attending this summer. Call ahead to order your favorite!

Farmer's Markets
Here is a list of Farmer's Markets we will be attending this summer:

Thursdays at the Cradlerock Library from 2 pm to 6pm

Sundays at the Oakland Mills Village Center from 9 am to 1 pm AND a the Catonsville Farmer's Market on Frederick Road behind Friendly's and the Fire Department from 10 am to 1:30 pm.

Other Summer News
Need something healthy to keep you going this summer, as you scramble to get in your time outdoors? Whole Grains are the trick! Each day, in addition to our Honey Whole Wheat Bread, we offer another whole grain bread. These breads are great for breakfast and sandwiches. And whole grains are very healthy and filling. They will keep you going for hours!

Ugly Tie Contest
It's that time! Have you been wanting to get rid of that hideous tie that someone keeps referring to as a "classic?" Bring it in to GH between now and Father's Day and get a free loaf of Old Fashioned White Bread or Honey Whole Wheat. Put your name and phone number on the back so we can call you and let you know if you have the Ugliest Tie this year!

Stay tuned for more exciting news! We hope to see you soon. Your friends at the Great Harvest in Columbia.