Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Breakfast Treats, GH Style

We know you know about our delicious muffins and scones. But do you know about some of the other tasty things we have for breakfast? You don't? Well let us tell you about them!

We have some really fantastic Pancake Mixes made with whole wheat flour. We make it so easy to make great pancakes! All you need to do is add milk and eggs! Watch for seasonal flavors.

We also have some fantastic Cranberry Almond Oatmeal mix. We use whole oats so you get the benefit of the whole grain, instead of the chopped up grains you get in other oatmeal mixes. They take a tiny bit longer to cook, but they're worth the wait.

And for those of you who are trying to limit your carb intake and are trying out the Paleo diet, we have this fantastic grain-free granola. That's right! Just nuts, seeds and fruit. It's perfect as a snack, great with yogurt or, a great addition to plain oatmeal (for those of you who haven't given it up)!

School is right around the corner and all of these things make quick, healthy breakfasts for your kids and you!

Stop on by and check them out. We hope to see you soon! Your friends at the Great Harvest in Columbia.