Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Menu Update

RED ALERT!!! RED ALERT!!! If you didn't order pies for Thanksgiving, you need to brush your teeth and throw on some clothes and get over here right now! We have some pies available for purchase, but once they're gone, they are gone! Hurry in now!

Scone Change
We have four varieties of scones for you for the remainder of the week; Almond Joy, Cranberry Orange, White Chocolate Cherry and Peach Raspberry. All are a delight. We recommend the Harrowgate Farms Marmalade to go with your scones. We have several varieties to choose from, but we really favor the Peach Orange with Brandy! These marmalades are also fantastic on GH Challah. Tuck them into one of our handled paper bags for a quick, easy hostess gift. You will be an even bigger hit at Thanksgiving than the turkey!

We hope to see you soon! Your friends at the Great Harvest in Columbia.